Film Direction / Stop Motion / Illustration / Graphic Design
for Silvio Teixeira

“If you cut this poster, you’ll get 100 business cards. If you place them in order, you will get a flip book. Or you may simply watch a video of the process at and keep the poster for yourself”. This film was my official debut as a filmmaker and it was fun. It was mentioned on a lot of media, including places I dig, such as wired or motionographer.
I used it mainly to introduce myself to studios and it did some marvels for me. It also helped me a lot to define my path - somehow this project triggered the rest of the projects on this website. 
Fun fact: the big number of visits that this film brought to my website made the original URL ( -  that I abandoned for a while -  to turn to a "premium domain”, increasing its cost something like 2000%. Too bad, this campaign is now obsolete as it doesn’t point my current website URL.