Audio Visual Installation / Motion Graphics
for Santa Casa da Misericórdia

Clube de Criativos de Portugal asked us to freely create a piece related with Placard (a big sports betting website) to exhibit in their annual advertising award show. We came up with an infinite room installation - made with mirrors, a screen and sound. When you look inside the mirror box you see a remix of games markings, as a direct mention to Placard’s almost infinite betting possibilities. The screen is placed on the ground level reflecting in all directions and somehow creating the strange illusion that it is in fact the viewer’s ground. Unfortunately a video case is not able to demonstrate the piece. Its magnificent and hypnotic soundtrack is the main reason I love this apparatus. In case you didn’t have enough, there’s a digital simulation bellow.

Design, Motion Graphics Silvio Teixeira, Afonso Gonsalves Sound Design Room2 Acrylic Work Gravoplot