Power to the Pen

Film Direction / 2D-3D Animation / Ilustration / Motion Graphics
for Samsung

Iminente is an international urban festival, curated by Vhills and Underdogs Gallery, where Art and Music go hand in hand. Lisbon, London, Xangai and Rio de Janeiro gave light to previous editions. For the 2019 Lisbon edition, Uzina created a branded content event inside the festival, giving Samsung their own stage. The concept was simple: each day, a different illustrator performed a drawing live act, using only the Galaxy note 10+, mirrored on a big screen. The public could watch artists they admire giving this live gig just as they would watch any other live concert of the festival.
The communication evoked the idea of freedom and the present dangers faced by freedom of speech. The film’s intro features several statements that change to their exact opposite meaning just by crossing the word “não” / “no” - causing the necessary amount of discomfort and confusion to trigger the debate. The overall aesthetics was developed to blend with the festival.

Client Samsung Agency Uzina Creative Direction Susana Albuquerque Film DirectionArt Direction, Camera, Post-production Silvio Teixeira 2d Art + Graphic Design Silvio Teixeira, Sofia Brajal 3d art Silvio Teixeira Copy Joana Geada Set Design Fabiano Bonfim Account Mafalda Palha Production Uzina Eventos Illustrators André da Loba, Wasted Rita, Kruella d’Enfer, Mantraste